Category Title Year
Articles International nursing: GSD International Nursing Academy: An Italian case of practical disruption highlighting the worth of nursing within healthcare organizations 2020
Articles “Nosce te ipsum’ an Italian national survey to explore choice’s differences in End of Life (EoL) care between healthcare professionals and general public 2019
Articles Shaping nursing profession regulation through history – a systematic review.International 2019
Articles Current Data of Foreign-Educated Nurses in Italy and the Recognition of Their Professional Qualifications 2019
Articles Clinical and socio-demographic determinants of inadequate self-care in adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus: the leading role of self-care confidence 2019
Articles Development and validation of the Pressure Ulcer Management Self‐Efficacy Scale for Nurses 2019
Articles Managing care errors in the wards: The contribution of authentic leadership and error management culture 2018
Articles Italian version of the Assessment of Interprofessional Team Collaboration Scale II (I-AITCS II): a multiphase study of validity and reliability amongst healthcare providers 2018
Articles Italian Association of Cancer Nurses (AIIAO) is moving forward within a complex and fast-changing - 4 - scenario: Our current agenda takes shape 2018
Posters Cambiamenti e sfide nella formazione degli enti regolatori della professione infermieristica 2018
Conferences Paradox of self-care gender differences among Italian patients with chronic heart failure: findings from a real-world cross-sectional study 2018
Articles La qualità di vita degli infermieri: Validazione della Nurses’Quality of Life Scale (NqoLs) 2018
Articles Measuring Nurses’ Quality of Life: adjustment of Satisfaction Profile (SAT-P) 2018
Articles Descriptive pilot study on self-care and daily living activities in Italian patients with heart failure: What are the criticalities? 2018
Articles An insight on self-care determinates amongst de novo Acute Heart Failure (AHF) patients prior to their discharge: a descriptive study 2018
Posters Better mutuality in heart failure patient and caregiver dyads improves their self-care: Results of a dyadic analysis 2018
Books Self-Care in Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Patients 2018
Articles Violating organizational and social norms in the workplace: A correlational study in the nursing context 2017
Articles What do we know about emotional labour in nursing? A narrative review 2017
Articles Effective Use of Real-Life Experiences of Cancer Patients as a Training Strategy in a Nursing Degree Program 2017
Articles Gender differences among cancer nurses' stress perception and coping: An Italian single centre observational study 2017
Posters La self-efficacy infermieristica nella gestione delle lesioni da pressione: sviluppo della “nursing self-efficacy in LdP" (NSE_LdP) 2017
Posters Nursing Profession Self-efficacy scale: evidence of validity from the Italian context 2017
Posters Does cardiotoxicity management represent a rare bird for cancer nursing care delivery? An Italian study on nurses’ self-efficacy 2017
Posters Gli infermieri utilizzano i risultati della ricerca nell’assistenza al paziente oncologico? Risultati di uno studio osservazionale e multicentrico 2017
Posters Changes and challenges to shape regulatory bodies in nursing practice 2017
Articles What is Behind Counterproductive Work Behaviors in the Nursing Profession? A Systematic Literature Review 2016
Articles Towards an integrated model of nursing competence: an overview of the literature reviews and concept analysis 2016
Articles Che cosa ostacola l'implementazione di competenze specialistiche per l'infermiere? La prospettiva degli infermieri clinici: uno studio esplorativo e descrittivo 2016
Articles Development and Validation of the Nursing Profession Self-Efficacy Scale 2016
Articles “Global Citizen, Global Nursing”. Highlights from the 2015 ICN Conference and CNR 2015
Posters Le competenze infermieristiche. Cosa sono e cosa ostacola l'implementazione di competenze specialistiche? 2015
Conference Proceedings What Is The Nursing Competence? An Overview Of Literature Reviews and Concept Analysis 2015
Category Title Year
Conferences Professional qualification and foreign-educated nurses in Italy 2019
Conferences Magnet Program and upcoming possibilities: GSD Academy 2nd international event 2018
Conferences Competenze Transculturali nelle cure infermieristiche in un mondo globalizzato 2018
Conferences Self-Care nello scompenso cardiaco: analisi critica delle differenze di genere 2018
Conferences Self-Care Nello Scompenso Cardiaco: Analisi Critica Delle Differenze Di Genere 2018