Measuring Nurses’ Quality of Life: adjustment of Satisfaction Profile (SAT-P)

Measuring Nurses’ Quality of Life: adjustment of Satisfaction Profile (SAT-P)



Individuals’ quality of life (QoL) is strictly linked with working environment experiences. The peculiarities of nursing profession yield it to be stressful, requiring high emotional engagement.


 The main aim of this study was to validate a reliable tool to measure nurses’ QoL.


 A panel of experts selected a tool from literature to measure QoL. They also modified it to achieve more specific version for nurses. The developed tool (NQoLs) was tested on 940 nurses.


NQoLs was a valid and reliable tool to describe different nuances of QoL. Therefore, four dimensions emerge from psychometrics analysis, which were physical, emotional, social and working QoL. Moreover, the overall nurses’ QoL was good but with some significant differences related to the clinical settings of belonging. The working dimension had the major impact on the overall nurses’ QoL.


NQoLs allows to measure QoL amongst nurses, and that is strategic for both research and management, due to NQoLs can help to face with a number of issues coming from an area with many gaps in knowledge. It should also be helpful to assess QoL in relation with organizational wellbeing amongst nurses.


Nurses; Quality of Life; Scale


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