Category Title Year
Articles The relationship between nurse managers' leadership style and patients' perception of the quality of the care provided by nurses: Cross sectional survey 2020
Articles The role of occupational stress in the association between emotional labornand burnout in nurses: A cross-sectional study 2020
Articles Il processo di identificazione del potenziale donatore di organi e tessuti all’interno delle strutture sanitarie (Procurement): Una revisione della letteratura 2018
Articles Managing care errors in the wards: The contribution of authentic leadership and error management culture 2018
Articles Organizational Health and Specialist Training: Correlational Survey on Critical Area Nurses 2018
Articles Development and validation of Emotional Labour in Nursing Scale in Italy 2018
Articles La qualità di vita degli infermieri: Validazione della Nurses’Quality of Life Scale (NqoLs) 2018
Articles Measuring Nurses’ Quality of Life: adjustment of Satisfaction Profile (SAT-P) 2018
Articles Violating organizational and social norms in the workplace: A correlational study in the nursing context 2017
Articles The ethical leadership of the nursing ward managers as a key determinant of nurses' organisational behaviours in the healthcare settings 2017
Articles Modified Moral Distress Scale (MDS-11): Validation Study Among Italian Nurses 2017
Posters Nursing Profession Self-efficacy scale: evidence of validity from the Italian context 2017
Articles What is Behind Counterproductive Work Behaviors in the Nursing Profession? A Systematic Literature Review 2016
Articles Development and Validation of the Nursing Profession Self-Efficacy Scale 2016
Articles Nurses and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: contribution to the Italian validation of the Podsakoff et al. scale 2015
Articles Counterproductive behaviors and moral disengagement of nurses as potential consequences of stress-related work: validity and reliability of measurement scales 2014