Organizational Health and Specialist Training: Correlational Survey on Critical Area Nurses

Organizational Health and Specialist Training: Correlational Survey on Critical Area Nurses


Introduction: Organizational health, well-being and quality of life in places of care and assistance are issues of greater interest and centrality of the national health system. By investigating organizational health, it is possible to create organizational analysis paths that allow us to define action strategies that take into account the indications and suggestions made by their collaborators. Materials and methods: The tool chosen to measure the perceived level of organizational well-being by the interviewed Critical Area nurses is the Nursing Questionnaire on Organizational Health. The QISO was administered to 107 nurses and was reviewed in some dimensions. The data were analyzed to obtain an estimate of the organizational well-being presented by the interviewed sample and to test the use and sensitivity of the instrument used. Results: The averages of each item of the dimensions present in the questionnaire have been calculated and put in relation. Through the correlation of the average scores obtained, we tried to verify which factors most influence the level of organizational health in the observed sample. From the results of the research conducted, we deduce the levels of organizational health enjoyed by the Critical Area nurses. Discussion: The research has allowed us to analyze how Critical Area nurses perceive their working realities, assessing which factors have a decisive influence on their organizational health. Furthermore, we tried to relate the specialized training possessed by the sample with the perception that it has of its professional context. Conclusions: The research in some points requires further study and new analysis because, due to the small number of nurses with specialist, clinical , managerial or managerial training, it was not possible to include advanced training as a positive general index predictor of organizational health.


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