Modified Moral Distress Scale (MDS-11): Validation Study Among Italian Nurses

Modified Moral Distress Scale (MDS-11): Validation Study Among Italian Nurses



Moral distress (MD) has significant implications on individual and organizational health. However there is a lack of an instrument to assess it among Italian nurses.


The main aim of this study was to validate a brief instrument to assess MD, developed from the Corley's Moral Distress Scale (MDS).


The modified MDS scale was subjected to content and cultural validity. The scale was administered to 347 nurses. Psychometric analysis were performed to assess construct validity.


The scale consists of 11 items, investigating MD in nursing practice in different clinical settings. The dimensionality of the scale was investigated through exploratory factor analysis (EFA), which showed a two-dimensional structure labeled futility and potential damage. The futility refers to feelings of powerlessness and ineffectiveness in some clinical situations; the potential damage dimension captures feelings of powerlessness when nurses are forced to tolerate or perform perceived abusive clinical proceedings. Nurses who experienced higher MD, were more lilely to experience burnout.


The modified MDS showed good psychometric properties, and it is valid and reliable for assessing moral distress among Italian nurses. Hence, the modified MDS allows to monitor the distress experienced by nurses and it is an important contribution to the scientific community and all those dealing with well-being of health workers.



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