Category Title Year
Articles Factors influencing self-care in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis: The Guardian Angel® multicentric longitudinal study 2022
Articles Development and testing of a new instrument to measure self-care in patients with osteoporosis: the self-care of osteoporosis scale 2021
Articles Development and Testing of the Quality of Life Osteoporosis Scale-Nonvertebral Fractures (QoLOS-NVFX) 2021
Articles Effect of tailored educational intervention to improve self-care maintenance and quality of life in postmenopausal osteoporotic women after a fragility fracture: the Guardian Angel® study 2017
Articles An experience of field work learning for healthcare providers: new perspectives between disadvantages and critical issues 2016
Posters Development of the self-care of osteoporosis scale (SCOS): testing its reliability and validity 2016
Articles Bone care nurses and the evolution of the nurse's educational function: the Guardian Angel® research project 2015
Articles Can Educational Interventions Improve Osteoporotic Women's Adherence to Treatment? A Literature Review 2015
Category Title Year
Conferences Integrazione della disciplina infermieristica tra didattica, ricerca e assistenza: esperienze a confronto 2019
Conferences Infermieristica e ricerca: aree di sviluppo emergenti in Italia 2018
Conferences Fare la differenza: best practice nelle cure infermieristiche 2017
Conferences Progetto Guardian Angel: educazione terapeutica per migliorare il self care nelle donne con osteoporosi 2017
Conferences Il Bone Care Nursing quale modello di assistenza centrato sul paziente con osteoporosi 2017
Conferences L’Aderenza terapeutica e il contributo infermieristico 2016
Conferences Malattie croniche ed impatto sociale: il contributo dell’infermiere – Self-care e osteoporosi 2016
Conferences La protesizzazione nel paziente ad elevata richiesta funzionale. La fragilità scheletrica nelle osteopatie metaboliche 2015