Life with a urostomy: A phenomenological study in Applied Nursing Research

Life with a urostomy: A phenomenological study in Applied Nursing Research



To explore the experiences of self-care of patients with urostomy and to identify the influencing factors of self-care.


The creation of a urostomy results in the loss of an important bodily function and an alteration of the body image and causes physical, psychological, and social changes in the lifestyle through the adjustment and management of the new condition. In literature, there are few studies that analyze the lifestyle of people with urostomy.


In this qualitative design, an interpretative phenomenological analysis was used. Eleven people living with urostomies took part in semi-structured interviews consisting of open-ended questions about their self-care experience. Data were collected between March and September 2016.


Six themes and twelve subthemes emerged from the data analysis. The themes were: Surgery impact, body image, daily and social-life activities, stoma and sexuality, managing stoma education, family and friends' support.


This study highlights the impact a stoma has on people's lives. This impact should be absorbed with personalized education before the surgery with the eventual need of a continuous and planned educational course respecting the patients' needs. This study shows that a continuous and planned educational plan is crucial for patients living with urostomies. Therefore, nurses should provide patients an adequate support and a personalized education program to cope with ostomy.


Experience; Phenomenology; Qualitative research; Self-care; Urostomy.



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