Impact of a nursing information system in clinical practice: a longitudinal study project

Impact of a nursing information system in clinical practice: a longitudinal study project


The implementation of adequate clinical information systems helps to deal with the immense flow of health data to ensure the continuity of care and access to a safe and high-quality healthcare system. Currently there is an increasing awareness of the importance of evaluating and measuring the impact of such systems in clinical practice. Implementations often fail, due to inadequate interaction between technology and human elements.


This article describes a research project aimed at evaluating the impact of a clinical nursing information system (CNIS), called Professional Assessment Instrument (PAI), in clinical practice. The study will evaluate PAI Quality, Nurses Satisfaction, PAI Use, Nurses and Environment Characteristics, Net Benefits and Nurses' Experiences related to the PAI use. A theoretical model developed for this research will guide the study. A quali-quantitative longitudinal design will be performed involving two hospitals over a 9-month period. To measure different dimensions that affect the success/failure of CNIS we will use different tools/ methods of data collection (questionnaires, psychometric tools, surveys and focus groups).

Expected results

This study will evaluate the impact of a CNIS in hospitals providing an overview of the factors which can help and hinder the implementation of an information system.


The results of the study will support interventions to improve and implement clinical information systems designed to computerize nursing data, with positive effects on public health and research in general, providing further evidence for health policy.



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