Nursing-Related Smartphone Activities in the Italian Nursing Population

Nursing-Related Smartphone Activities in the Italian Nursing Population


In this study, we described the smartphone work- and non-work-related activities; analysed the differences between smartphone use and nurses’ age, gender and working environment; and observed the influences that personal digital devices have on nurses’ performances. We conducted a cross-sectional and correlational study. A convenience sample of nurses was recruited composed of 256 nurses, mostly women (74.6%) under 30 years of age (59%). This study showed that the most frequent work-related smartphone activity was searching for work-related drug references. Smartphones also helped nurses reduce the work-related stress and improve unit cohesion and teamwork. Younger nurses and male nurses were more likely than female nurses to use their digital devices during healthcare activities. In addition, 42% of nurses reported that they were distracted by the use of smartphones. If smartphones are used properly, they are certainly helpful tools for improving patient safety and enabling communication among healthcare staff. Otherwise, smartphones can constitute an important source of distraction and endanger patient safety.


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