Category Title Year
Conference Proceedings Qualità e sicurezza in emato-oncologia pediatrica: il fenomeno delle cure infermieristiche compromesse in Italia 2019
Conference Proceedings Care left undone in patients with chronic respiratory diseases admitted to medical wards: an observational study 2019
Posters A quasi-experimental trial evaluating the potential effectiveness of complex nursing intervention focused on quality of life assessment on advanced cancer patients with palliative care needs. 2018
Conference Proceedings The benefits of having a nurse fully dedicated to telemonitoring heart failure patients with an implanted cardiac device: a mixed method study 2018
Conference Proceedings Simulation skill labs to support informal caregivers who care for patients requiring mechanical ventilation at home 2018
Articles A Dedicated Nutritional Care Program (NUTRICARE) for Institutionalized Dysphagic Older People Affected by Dementia: A Quasi-experimental Study 2017
Conference Proceedings Caring for Older People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: a Grounded Theory Study 2017
Conference Proceedings Pilot study to identify the modification of performance in sarcopenic nursing home patients after introduction of protein and D vitamin supplementation 2017
Articles Preliminary testing using Mokken scaling of an Italian translation of the Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia (EdFED-I) scale 2015
Conference Proceedings Fattori che influenzano l'efficacia dell'educazione al self-management 2015
Conference Proceedings The Development of An Educational Diagnosis Chart on the Motivation of the Enterostoma Patients' Needs (MEPN) 2014
Category Title Year
Articles Developing a Stoma Acceptance Questionnaire to improve motivation to adhere to enterostoma self-care. 2017
Conferences Fattori che influenzano l'efficacia dell'educazione al self-management 2015