Category Title Year
Articles Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Clinical Care Classification system 2022
Articles Enhancing the performance of predictive models for hospital mortality by adding nursing data 2019
Articles Nursing Diagnoses, Interventions, and Activities as Described by a Nursing Minimum Data Set: A Prospective Study in an Oncology Hospital Setting 2019
Articles Nursing diagnoses as predictors of hospital length of stay: A prospective observational study 2019
Books Traduzione ufficiale della terminologia infermieristica standard Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System 2019
Articles Nursing Diagnoses as Predictors of Hospital Length of Stay: A Prospective Observational Study 2018
Posters Un Nursing Minimum Data Set per descrivere l'assistenza infermieristica e la sua relazione con gli esiti in un setting oncologico ospedaliero 2018
Posters Potere predittivo delle diagnosi infermieristiche sulla durata della degenza ospedaliera 2018
Articles Prevalence of nursing diagnoses as a measure of nursing complexity in a hospital setting. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2017
Articles Impact of nursing diagnoses on patient and organisational outcomes: A systematic literature review 2017
Conference Proceedings Diagnoses, Interventions, Outcomes. In: E-health and standardised nursing languages 2017
Category Title Year
Conferences Documentazione elettronica dell’assistenza. Diagnosi infermieristiche come misura della complessità assistenziale e fattore prognostico 2016