Category Title Year
Articles A systematic review of instruments for assessing parent satisfaction with family-centred care in neonatal intensive care units 2018
Articles The current practice of family-centred care in Italian neonatal intensive care units: A multicentre descriptive study 2018
Articles Neonatal intensive care parent satisfaction: a multicenter study translating and validating the Italian EMPATHIC-N questionnaire 2018
Articles Supplementary Material 1 2018
Articles Supplementary Material 2 2018
Conference Proceedings New methods to assess parents’ satisfaction with family-centered care in neonatology: A multicenter study, preliminary results 2018
Articles Qualitative study exploring factors influencing escalation of care of deteriorating children in a children’s hospital 2018
Articles Empowerment of PArents in THe Intensive Care Questionnaire: Translation and Validation in Italian PICUs 2017
Articles OC47 – NICUs and family-centred care, from the leadership to the design, the results of a survey in Italy (by FCC Italian NICU study group) 2016
Conference Proceedings Implementing the Family-Centered Care model, parents’ satisfaction and experiences in neonatology 2014
Conference Proceedings Translation and cultural adaptation of the Dutch EMPATHIC-N questionnaire for Italian NICU settings to measure parent satisfaction 2014
Conference Proceedings A proposal for a multicenter study on Family-Centered Care in Nicu, parents’ satisfaction and experience 2014