Category Title Year
Articles Instruments Measuring Self-Care in Children and Young Adults With Chronic Conditions: A Systematic Review 2022
Articles Attitudes and practices towards vital signs monitoring on paediatric wards: Cross-validation of the Ped-V scale 2022
Articles Staff perception of the implementation, enablers and barriers to pediatric intensive care unit diary writing: A qualitative study 2022
Articles Implementation of paediatric intensive care unit diaries: Feasibility and opinions of parents and healthcare providers 2022
Articles Narrative Diaries in Pediatrics: A Scoping Review 2022
Articles Self-Care in Pediatric Patients with Chronic Conditions: A Systematic Review of Theoretical Models 2021
Articles A systematic review of instruments for assessing parent satisfaction with family-centred care in neonatal intensive care units 2018
Articles The current practice of family-centred care in Italian neonatal intensive care units: A multicentre descriptive study 2018
Articles Qualitative study exploring factors influencing escalation of care of deteriorating children in a children’s hospital 2018
Articles Accuracy of Bedside Paediatric Early Warning System (BedsidePEWS) in a Pediatric Stem Cell Transplan 2018
Conference Proceedings Implementing the Family-Centered Care model, parents’ satisfaction and experiences in neonatology 2014
Conference Proceedings Translation and cultural adaptation of the Dutch EMPATHIC-N questionnaire for Italian NICU settings to measure parent satisfaction 2014
Category Title Year
Conferences PEWS and factors influencing escalation of care 2019
Conferences Are early warning scores the answer 2019
Conferences PEWS and safer systems; Prevention of in-hospital cardiac arrest 2018
Conferences Barriers to escalation of care, Workshop on The deteriorating child 2018
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Conferences Neonatal early warning systems 2016