Category Title Year
Articles Editorial - The need to develop competencies for Patient Therapeutic Education in nurse education and practice through cross border conversations 2020
Articles Improving the quality of communication during handover in a Paediatric Emergency Department: a qualitative pilot study 2019
Articles Implications of a wide-scale educational intervention to engage nurses in evidence-based practice: The Italian RN4CAST experience 2019
Articles Push and pull factors of nurses' intention to leave 2019
Articles The effectiveness of web-based learning in supporting the development of nursing students’ practical skills during clinical placements: A qualitative study 2019
Conference Proceedings Care left undone in patients with chronic respiratory diseases admitted to medical wards: an observational study 2019
Articles Preparing healthcare students who participate in interprofessional education for interprofessional collaboration: A constructivist grounded theory study protocol. 2018
Articles The communication experience of tracheostomy patients with nurses in the intensive care unit: A phenomenological study 2018
Posters A quasi-experimental trial evaluating the potential effectiveness of complex nursing intervention focused on quality of life assessment on advanced cancer patients with palliative care needs. 2018
Conference Proceedings The benefits of having a nurse fully dedicated to telemonitoring heart failure patients with an implanted cardiac device: a mixed method study 2018
Conference Proceedings 412 Specialist nurse education and competence in remote telemonitoring of heart failure patients with implanted heart devices: a qualitative study 2018
Conference Proceedings The development of a pilot patient-safety learning scenario for undergraduate nursing students 2018
Conference Proceedings Simulation skill labs to support informal caregivers who care for patients requiring mechanical ventilation at home 2018
Articles The Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia Scale: A longitudinal study in nursing home residents 2017
Articles The Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia Scale: A longitudinal study in nursing home residents (Accepted 12th June 2017) 2017
Articles A Dedicated Nutritional Care Program (NUTRICARE) for Institutionalized Dysphagic Older People Affected by Dementia: A Quasi-experimental Study 2017
Conference Proceedings Pilot study to identify the modification of performance in sarcopenic nursing home patients after introduction of protein and D vitamin supplementation 2017
Articles Factors influencing self-management in patients with type 2 diabetes: Aquantitative systematic review protocol 2014
Articles Commentary on Nursing Ethics article: Facilitating ethics education in nursing students 2014
Category Title Year
Conferences The Interprofessional Skill Lab in the Simulation Centre: An Experience of Communication between the medical-nursing team and family members 2015