Category Title Year
Articles International nursing: GSD International Nursing Academy: An Italian case of practical disruption highlighting the worth of nursing within healthcare organizations 2020
Articles A multi phase study for the development of a self efficacy measuring scale for ostomy care nursing management 2020
Articles Development and validation of the Pressure Ulcer Management Self‐Efficacy Scale for Nurses 2019
Conferences Paradox of self-care gender differences among Italian patients with chronic heart failure: findings from a real-world cross-sectional study 2018
Articles Effective Use of Real-Life Experiences of Cancer Patients as a Training Strategy in a Nursing Degree Program 2017
Articles Gender differences among cancer nurses' stress perception and coping: An Italian single centre observational study 2017
Articles Evaluating the Effectiveness of Calculator Use in Drug Dosage Calculation among Italian Nursing Students: A Comparative Study 2017
Articles Social media and nurse education: an integrative review of the literature 2016
Articles Towards an integrated model of nursing competence: an overview of the literature reviews and concept analysis 2016
Conference Proceedings What Is The Nursing Competence? An Overview Of Literature Reviews and Concept Analysis 2015
Category Title Year
Conferences Self-Care nello scompenso cardiaco: analisi critica delle differenze di genere 2018
Conferences Self-Care Nello Scompenso Cardiaco: Analisi Critica Delle Differenze Di Genere 2018