Category Title Year
Articles Technology-delivered motivational interviewing to improve health outcomes in patients with chronic conditions: a systematic review of the literature 2023
Conference Proceedings Abstract 12984: Technology-Delivered Motivational Interviewing Interventions for Patients With Cardiovascular Diseases - A Systematic Review 2021
Articles International nursing: GSD International Nursing Academy: An Italian case of practical disruption highlighting the worth of nursing within healthcare organizations 2020
Articles Development and validation of the Pressure Ulcer Management Self‐Efficacy Scale for Nurses 2019
Conferences Paradox of self-care gender differences among Italian patients with chronic heart failure: findings from a real-world cross-sectional study 2018
Articles Effective Use of Real-Life Experiences of Cancer Patients as a Training Strategy in a Nursing Degree Program 2017
Articles Gender differences among cancer nurses' stress perception and coping: An Italian single centre observational study 2017
Articles Evaluating the Effectiveness of Calculator Use in Drug Dosage Calculation among Italian Nursing Students: A Comparative Study 2017
Articles Social media and nurse education: an integrative review of the literature 2016
Articles Towards an integrated model of nursing competence: an overview of the literature reviews and concept analysis 2016
Conference Proceedings What Is The Nursing Competence? An Overview Of Literature Reviews and Concept Analysis 2015
Category Title Year
Conferences Self-Care nello scompenso cardiaco: analisi critica delle differenze di genere 2018
Conferences Self-Care Nello Scompenso Cardiaco: Analisi Critica Delle Differenze Di Genere 2018