Farmaci LASA: strategie per la prevenzione dell’errore di terapia

Farmaci LASA: strategie per la prevenzione dell’errore di terapia



Considered one of the dimensions of quality, the safety of health care depends on the ability of healthcare workers (whether administrators or technicians) to reduce the probability of errors

Materials and methods

A narrative review has been conducted to identify strategies for preventing medication error related to the use of LASA drugs (Look-Alike, Sound-Alike). We consulted four databases (PubMed, CINAHL, Web of Science e Scopus). The search terms were look-alike, medication errors and drugs. 


The analysis of the literature has allowed identifying the main strategies for the prevention of errors from LASA drugs: a greater knowledge and awareness of health professionals about this category of drugs, the implementation of a multidisciplinary work culture with the direct involvement of the pharmacist and, finally, the computerization of all stages of the therapeutic process (prescription, distribution and administration).


These results, combined with the lack of precise estimates of errors related to LASA drugs, highlight the need to structure a process of management of these drugs that includes prevention strategies.


 Medication errors, drug safety; look-alike drugs.

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