Contact precaution procedures in healthcare facilities

Contact precaution procedures in healthcare facilities



Multidrug resistance is an established and growing worldwide public health problem, since few therapeutic options remain available. MRSA is the leading Gram-positive organism which has spread both in the community and healthcare environment. Gram-negative bacteria, either fermenter (enterobacteriaceae) or nonfermenter, pose a major challenge to the healthcare providers because they can express a wide multidrug resistance.


Specific keywords combinations were analitically searched in PubMed and Scopus databases. Publications concerning contact precaution procedures were reviewed.


The review on infection control and isolation precautions was carried out focusing on bundles that could help healthcare personnel to improve their action.


This paper clearly refers to measures in order to control the spread of infectious disease. We provided some synthetic tables that could improve healthcare workers knowledge and help them to apply all fundamental concepts in infection control.


 Infection control; Isolation; Universal precautions.


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