The value of an exercise advice in heart failure patients

The value of an exercise advice in heart failure patients

2.12.5 - HF SELF-CARE


81 patients diagnosed with CHF in NYHA-class [I and 111 were recruited from a heart failure out patient clinic. The participants filled in forms to measure illness perception (B-IPQ), coping strategies (Brief COPE), anxiety and depression (HADS).


Univariate analysis revealed personal control (r I-0.259. p<
0.05), consequences (r I 0.499, p< 0.01). and identity (r I 0.475, p< 0.01), to be significant corre—lates of depression. In a path-analysis with avoidant coping as a mediator between illness perception and depression, the effect of personal control on depression was shown to
be fully mediated by avoidant coping. Consequences. ie the perception of the daily impact and constrains caused by CHF, uniquely predicted depression. Conclusion: The findings indicate that both illness perception and coping strategies are important components for depressive
symptoms in patients with CHF. Avoidant …

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