Employability degli infermieri neolaureati: revisione narrativa

Employability degli infermieri neolaureati: revisione narrativa



The ability to find a job, keep it, transit between roles, work positions and organizations, is defined as employability. New graduates’ employability is an economic, political and social priority in many countries. The aim is to describe the concept of employability and its dimensions.

Materials and methods

A narrative review through Medline e CINAHL databases and grey literature has been conducted.


Twenty-one studies were included. Employability dimensions are the adaptability/proactivity, the career identity, the human and social capital and the job searching behaviours.


 In times of economic crisis and huge changes in the job market, having higher employability abilities may help new graduates to be effective in finding a job. Studies available to date haven’t considered the nurses’ employability.
The universities should design and implement strategies aimed to support undergraduates in the development of the abilities needed for the transition toward the job market. The employability phenomenon in the Italian nurses needs to be studied in order to design adequate intervention policies; to achieve this goal the University of Tor Vergata (Rome) has designed and is implementing a dedicated longitudinal multicentre study.


 employability, new graduates, skills, nursing

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