Wound Care Management: impact on outcomes of nursing care

Wound Care Management: impact on outcomes of nursing care

2.16.15 - Learning from errors



 To evaluate wound care management in Rome's Hospital.


 Observational study, divided into phases, through the analysis of 301 nursing records of patients either admitted to the hospital with ulcer pressure at the admission or grown later. Among the nursing records, 151 have been analyzed directly in the wards and 150 are referred to the triennium 2010-2012 and have been traced in a computerized version.


The nursing records concerning the ulcer pressure is completed in 4% average. The Push Tool and Braden scale are respectively present in 6% and 86% of the nursing records analyzed. The treatment are correct in the 80% of the cases. The clinic outcome is stable in 68% of the cases and in the 13% is registered an enhancement.


The study underlined an increase of the nursing documentation, although not completed caused by the absence of the Push Tool scale. It has been registered an enhancement of the clinic outcome in the five years and a better pertinence in the treatment of the ulcers pressure. However is evident the necessity of increasing education courses on the ulcers pressure.


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