Patient flow for the management of ostomy patients

Patient flow for the management of ostomy patients


Subjects undergoing ostomy are increasing and share a reduced quality of life. The patient flow (PF) is the pathway of a patient from hospital admission to discharge and should provide care appropriateness to the patient himself. In the recent literature no paper exists regarding the PF of the patient undergoing (intestinal or urinary) ostomy, which is the objective of the present article. This paper stems from the work done during the Educational Camp entitled "The Patient Flow in Stoma Care," which took place on three separate days (27<sup>th</sup> May, 18<sup>th</sup> September, and 21<sup>st</sup> November 2019) at B. Braun Milano S.p.A. and regarded 33 stomatherapy nurses from all over Italy supervised by the authors. The participants, divided into heterogeneous groups, developed the PF by means of three specific work methodologies: mental maps, timeline and appreciative inquiry. The elaborated PF was inspired to the International Charter of the Ostomates' Rights. The efficacious and empathic communication and the role of the patient and/or the caregiver as the main characters are transversal to every step and must be always pursued. The PF is developed in eight macro-areas: diagnosis; pre-admission; admission and preoperative phase; surgical operation; awakening; postoperative phase; discharge; follow-up. In agreement with the recent literature, this systematic approach will give benefits to the patients in terms of outcome and perception of taking charge before, during and after the ostomy. At the same time the performances, the therapeutic appropriateness, the optimization of technology and healthcare resources and the staff satisfaction will equally be guaranteed.

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